Bird Cage Feeder

#cats #🐱

Fine Dinning 🐦

Feral cat free!

Bird Cage Feeder '18Bird Cage Feeder (3)Bird Cage Feeder (1)Bird Cage Feeder (2)The birds luv those ‘black oil’ sunflower seeds 😉

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  1. Fantastic bird cage, and one I am guessing you designed and created yourself, Washe Koda. Another inventive and successful masterpiece, and one that the birds and the cat enjoys. Black oil sunflower seeds are the primo feeder seed…lucky birds.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Jet 🙂
      I got the decorative cage at a yard sale and cut off a couple bars to let the birds in and keep the cats & squirrels out. I did make the aluminum seed pan! 😉

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