DIY Fly Swatter



Wooden dowel with doubled over burlap glued on !

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    1. I lost your following when I switched from .com to .blog 😉 I’ve been enjoying the ‘Weggie Boys’ all along 🙂 Hope your health, and the kitty’s too, is well. Did miss interacting with Ya during the my hiatus.
      I enjoy spending an hour making something anymore rather then spend 45¢ at the store. 30 yrs ago, making $25 / hr Electrician union scale I didn’t blink at dropping $$ at the store.
      𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕜-𝕐𝕠𝕦 for being friends 🙂


      1. There is satisfaction creating something from scratch. One of my conceits is that I theoretically can discern how certain things are made and could make them myself without instructions. A bird house I made was so huge and unlikely attractive to birds that neighborhood squirrels gave it a try and liked it. Sooo, I called it a squirrel house and a success! I know, in theory, how to make paper and have given some thought to giving it a try…”just because”. You, on the other hand, do sometimes what I think I could do! I think that is one reason (besides your kitty, of course!) I enjoy stopping by to see what you’ve done next!

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        1. I am in the process of building another Wren house ⅞ inch hole. For larger birds (or squirrels) I erected a 16ft ‘Hawk Pole’
          As for paper (except after sitting on the throne) I have no use for it whilst 2 Hewlett Packard’s on the WWW (no printer) Good luck on your paper-making endeavor 😉

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